Week 2 Essay

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Strength Planning Proposal

You have recently been hired as being a city planner to help build a new energy plan for a current metropolitan region. You have recently been asked to consider most energy choices and decide the best way to spend the initial budget. You can choose more than one option to address the city's strength needs. Be careful to remember this technique will need to support the city because the population expands.

Your first first yr budget: $10 billion

Plan for every following year: captal up to $1 billion

Energy necessary to power city area: three or more, 000 Megawatts

Energy SourceInitial Price to Setup Strength ProductionMonthly CostEnergy Output Limit Nuclear Plant$6 billion$1. your five million1, 000 Megawatts

Coal Fired Engine power

$1. several billion$2 million1, 000 Megawatts

Wind Electricity

$3 billion$500, 0001, 000 Megawatts


$3 billion$500, 0001, 000 Megawatts


$350 million$500, 0001, 500 Megawatts

Solar Power

$3. your five billion$300, 0001, 000 Megawatts

Natural Gas

$1. 5 billion$1, 000, 0001, 000 Megawatts

Write a 750- to 1, 050-word proposal.


•a malfunction of the strength resources your city uses.

oExplain why you select these assets.

oInclude a chart describing your budget break down used to verify your energy pitch.

•the pros and cons of alternative energy to your metropolis and the environment. •the effect that inhabitants growth may have on your strength plan over the next twenty years. What can be done to aid the city as its population grows?

Format the paper in line with APA guidelines

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