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The purpose of the virtual class system is to integrate the key benefits of a physical class with the ease of a " no-physical bar” virtual learning environment. It is going to usher in the immense versatility and sophistication in the existing learning platform structures, together with the perfect blend of synchronous and asynchronous connection. It provides a ways of collaborative learning for the students.


This project includes a lot of range for upcoming development. Making a virtual classroom system in promoting a greater depend of learners to splurge into the discipline of Education.

Problem Statement:

The question which teaching method is better, traditional or electronic, is always a puzzling one. Traditional classroom teaching strategies are well-tested, and the environment most of us spent my youth in, nonetheless they have some main limitations. Electronic classrooms, however, are new and hi-tech.

The term " traditional classroom" brings to head visions of your classroom of twenty or even more children, most roughly a similar age, tuning in raptly to the instructor or perhaps teacher, whilst all functioning diligently in their research. The reality is significantly different.

In a traditional class environment, there are often anywhere from 20 to twenty five children and one teacher. In some cases, that teacher might have a " teacher's aid" or an assistant instructor. This is where the disadvantage starts- it truly is simply impossible for one person to give each college student the one-on-one attention or perhaps instruction that will be required. To avoid these difficulty there is require t set up a system which in turn provide high-class way of instructing. The system which can be much adaptable for instructor and as well regarding students. Our project may also provide help in accordance of this problem.


Developing a virtual classroom system to promote the count of students to splurge in to the field of Education. It integrates the advantages of a physical class with the comfort of a ‘no-physical bar' online learning environment, minus the driving hazards and expenses. It will usher in the immense overall flexibility and class in the existing learning program structures, with all the perfect blend of synchronous and asynchronous interaction. It provides a ways of collaborative learning for the students.

Specific Requirements:

Users of the System:

A. Students

B. Faculties

C. College Management (Dean, HODs, Principal)

D. Administrator


п‚·пЂ Students can choose classes, attend classes, take tests, view their attendance documents, progress studies etc as per their ease.

п‚·пЂ Registration for multiple programs.

п‚·пЂ Attend classes either in the scheduled period or at the instance view lecture at a later time. п‚·пЂ There can be forums, blogs and many others to discuss several queries and also to put up recommendations posted both equally by learners and teachers.

п‚·пЂ Students may take up various quizzes which can help them to understand their inbuilt talents in numerous fields.


п‚·пЂ Faculties can take lectures, publish assignments, announcements, evaluate solution sheets and in addition can upload lectures and other discussions in various formats just as videos, electrical power point display etc .

п‚·пЂ Upload and Down load of various projects, college realises, student's notices, journals, video clips.

п‚·пЂ There could be forums, blogs etc to go over various questions and to set up suggestions submitted both by students and teachers.


п‚·пЂ Administrator can easily generate reports, log files, backup/recovery of data anytime and make user, division and courses.


п‚·пЂ Can view most actors depth


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