The Three Popular Scenic Unesco Yellow Card Warning Will probably be Removed from This kind of? Essay

On the afternoon of May well 1, the earth Natural History of Zhangjiajie, Hunan Wulingyuan Scenic Zone usher in thunderstorms, Tianzishan wonders of scenic places in the rainfall, a large area of the sea of clouds, specifically fairy flowers Yubi maximum, West sights Yunhai incredible, so tourists from home and abroad and Photography enthusiasts revel meantime, the openers. Deng reason photo (Xinhua review they will be taken off this?

- Zhangjiajie, Lushan, Wudalianchi by UNESCO yellow card incident exploration UNESCO in the 9th to offer China's three famous scenic Hunan Zhangjiajie, Lushan Pile in Jiangxi and Heilongjiang Wudalianchi yellowish card, and urge the rectification with the three in the scientific expertise to the community science Globe '. Event triggered a powerful reaction, a yellow cards behind Exactly what are the issues? Xinhua News Company reporters Zai She and Shi Sandi investigation. Renzhang admit, develop corrective steps

Been a discolored card, Zhangjiajie, the Lushan and Wudalianchi related aspects to respond, on the other hand Renzhang acknowledge, on the one hand, began to develop corrective actions. - Gao Jianguo, Admin of the the Zhangjiajie Town Land Methods Bureau, Zhangjiajie World Geopark flagship bit of hard-won, while World Geoparks Network members, strengthen the construction worldwide geological area management and maintenance use not shirk its responsibility and commitments. The yellow card that to Zhangjiajie still there is also a gap in the propaganda of scientific expertise, the need to even more improve. Zhangjiajie active changement existing deficiencies in the organization of the emblem signs, to establish a museum, the work put in place., Zhangjiajie Property and Solutions Bureau continues to be updated from the World Geopark Logo, popularization of research textbooks printed environmental education project to handle the give Environmental Safeguard, to increase tourist guide training in five areas initial rectification of planning, plus the...

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