Essay with what i learnt in episode

 What I learnt in drama…

During Theatre lessons I've learnt a lot of things that I would not know about. For instance , I did not know about Freeze Support frames, Soundscapes and Physical Movie theater. Also we all did storytelling about the regular story ‘The Three Tiny Pigs ‘ and an additional story known as ‘How Abu Hassan Shattered Wind ‘. Freeze Frames means that freezing a position as being a character to get the audience to comprehend and discover what is going on in the scene. An example of this is, when someone was doing a group performance and one person was to freeze for some seconds even though the others nonetheless perform, this shows the group that the figure is still in the scene yet isn't performing anything. Soundscapes is one of the nonrealistic conventions in drama. Claim, for example , in real life you wouldn't notice voices chanting through a area (this is actually a type of soundscaping), this is what helps it be nonrealistic. You can use it to add to disposition, tension and other elements of crisis. There are many different types of soundscapes because there are a number of sounds. Essentially, soundscapes happen to be sounds you can create using your body, so if perhaps I'm studying a perform and there is the noise of any train that is certainly projected, yet in the enjoy there is simply a girl pretending to be on a train. The sound of the educate was a soundscape. Physical Movie theater stems comes from many different areas. It essentially means theatre that is targeted on telling a tale through the body system. This does not show that it doesn't employ other components (voice/staging, halloween costume etc . ). In episode I had increased in storytelling, acting and it enhanced my assurance up a bit more. So gowns what I learned in episode!

By Khadija Shah 7V

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