The Swimmer Essay

Winston Leung


Art from the Essay Recognizes

Mrs. Dreary

Analysis of Film vs Short Tale in " The Swimmer"

" The Swimmer" a short story authored by John Cheever was at first published in The New Yorker, July eighteenth, 1964. In 1968, the short history was implemented into a film, directed simply by Frank Perry, starring Burt Lancaster. The two film plus the short story begin with Ned Merril, a seemingly rich, popular, middle-aged man deciding to swimming home through his neighbors' pools and discovering a lot more than he would proper care to know along the way. At every face, Ned is definitely brought to a different sort of aspect of his life. At first, Ned talks to his neighbours about his youth the moment " anything at all was possible", and at the final he is forced to face truth when he comes back home to an left behind house and discovers that everything that was at one time his correct had faded. In Frank Perry's late 1960s film, " The Swimmer” the director uses intense close-up shots, music, hazy camera results and provides new personas that are not in the short tale to help viewers visualize Ned' Merrill's fake perceptions with the truth.

Perry periodically uses music and extreme close-up shots on Ned's encounter to provide the audience with a aesthetic and hearable representation of Ned's feeling of pain, exhaustion and relax. Especially throughout the end of the movie, a great orchestra plays a very gloomy melody that reflects the sorrow that Ned seems when he comes back to an vacant home, where he thought his daughters were playing tennis games and his better half still adored him. Using dissolve changes from the shots of Ned's face to shots of open areas and mother nature, Perry brings dream-like quality to the film that is not observed in the short story. The blurriness that accompany the dissolve transition, stand for Ned's blurred perception with the truth. Just like how the film begins sunlit and ends rainy, melt transitions are being used earlier in the film and are also progressively used less and less since Ned confronts the reality of his...

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