The Function of Women in India Essay

The Position of Women in India.

Summary: -

2. Introduction

2. Women in the Vedic period

* Women of the post-Vedic period

2. Women, during British rule in India

* Ladies of the post-Independence period

5. Women in Modern India

* Brutalities afflicted in women persons

* Five-Year plans

* Goals Visualized for women

* Conclusion

Introduction: -

The status of women in any cultures shows the stage of evolution where, the civilization has arrived. The definition of " status” includes not simply personal and proprietary privileges but likewise duties, liabilities and disabilities. In the case of an Indian woman, it means her personal privileges, proprietary privileges, her tasks, liabilities and disabilities vis-à-vis the contemporary society and her family members. A lady can say more in a heave a sigh than a man can say in a sermon. -Arnold Haultain

Ladies of the Vedic period: -With regard towards the status of women in Indian society in particular, no nation has organised their women in higher esteem than the Hindus. Probably, no different literature provides presented a more admirable type of women character than Sita, Maitriya, and Gargi. Hindu mythology witnesses that the status of Hindu women through the Vedic period was honourable and respected. Their matrimony was thought to be sacrosanct and the family great was substantial. Women about marriage bought an honourable position and considerable position. There are referrals which show that, the same social and religious status was allowed to boys and girls in the Vedic world. Sure Goodness created man before female. But then actually make a rough draft before the final masterpiece.

Ladies of the post-Vedic period: -The strong social background of Indian contemporary society and large status of girls in the Vedic era, kept them healthy from all of the perspectives – social, physical and emotional. But during the...

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