The House Rules Essay

The house rules & The Official Agreement

First of all I don't expect to take care of you like a child and I don't plan on acting like a mother figure whom tells you how to handle it like clean your room, not to step out, wash the bathroom etc . I expect you to learn or to simply use your common sense in regards to what you should be carrying out when you're staying here. eg being clean and cleaning following yourself as you eat or use the bath room or make use of anything else in the home. So please respect our desires and rules of the house. May take advantage of the offer even as are trying to assist accommodation to benefit you. If you determine that you don't wish to follow the rules or perhaps respect us & the wishes most of us simply stop you away.

* May bring medicines to our house

* No longer bring any of your friends to our house including boyfriends mainly because we're not going to accept it. I'm certainly not saying that weight loss have a boyfriend simply saying that I/we don't want him here in our house. If you want to stay with friends or boyfriends go to their house and stay with all of them. No one is allowed to stay here, not any friends can easily sleep more than, NO ONE….. * Don't expect me personally to drive you everywhere. We all aren't going to be cab drivers to suit your needs. If jooxie is going anywhere and you desire a lift inside the same path then naturally we'll drop you away, but if you need a ride somewhere and wish doing something or in the event you ask and say ‘no' then don't keep requesting us since it's merely annoying and don't want to just drop what jooxie is doing just to take you somewhere. Make an effort to be dependent on yourself, because even though you stay here the deal you have with us by being the following is good enough already so only try not to expect too much 2. Make sure you clean up after your self – at the time you eat, after you have a showering and just keep the room a lttle bit tidy exabrupto Dons clothes are still within the room * Avoid wear some of the clothes sneakers or anything at all that's in Dons storage room * Perform your own washing

5. Buy your own toiletries. You can utilize the...

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