Symbolism inside the Film, Patton Essay

English 201 MWF 1


Symbolism in the film Patton

When watching the final scene inside the film Patton, The emblematic meaning that sprang out for me was Patton's belief in reincarnation. As Patton is going for walks through the open field along with his dog, this is certainly symbolizing that he features fought and lived through many fights.

The soundtrack enjoyed as Patton is getting away from the third army by using a empty meadow of moving hills gave me a feeling of accomplishment. It is cheerful music and a sense of independence for basic Patton. The image where you could observe Patton going for walks and the windmill spinning symbolized the passing of time and reinforced the very fact that he had been through various battles, with many more to come. The image of the meadow could have also meant that Patton believes which the pasture was a place where ancient damages once was standing and that he can be described as soldier that has lived through many battles. The wind mill that decreasing fades off and on the camera shot could also represent many things about standard Patton. The turning of any windmill can mean growing riches and fulfillment; It can also suggest determination and achievement through hard work. Within the last scene I think that the wind mill is symbolizing Patton's effort and his accomplishments throughout the warfare. I likewise believe that walking a white colored dog through the pasture following leaving the 3rd army signifies he features reincarnation and may live to see another fight.

A birds attention camera taken was consumed the last landscape, I believe this is done show the entirety with the landscape, the windmill, and to show basic Patton going for walks off into the distance. As that camera shot was being done there was clearly a musical score that gave the viewer a feeling of accomplishment pertaining to general Patton.

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