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Monday 18 December 2012. Topic: Love


1) They do make the perfect couple. We've never noted two people who also get on so well. --- 2) I've read their relationship is within the rocks. and they are getting divorced. ---have difficulties 3) It's a match manufactured in Haven And also to think they will first got together on an Internet dating agency! ----a perfect combination of two people or things _________________________________________________

Tues 18 January 2012. Power and National politics


4) The Government are being accused of permitting the press set the tone for their policies? --- to establish a specific mood or perhaps character intended for something 5) I've got a serious problem and I desire to speak to anybody who run the show---in impose of an activity or function 6) Avoid ask myself. It's the administrator who contact the pictures around in this article. ---make decision, decide how to handle it _________________________________________________

Wed 19 Dec 2012. Subject: Difficult Situations


7) For the working mom, the managing act among work and home is actually a tough a single. ---require to balance among sth and sth 8) You're going to need to grasp the nettle and talk to the manager about the challenge. --- for this immediately to be able to deal with an agonizing situation 9) We've completed all we can at the end. The ball's now in your the courtroom. --- to get someone else's approach, play, or perhaps turn. (From tennis. ) _________________________________________________

Thurs night 20 12 , 2012. Theme: Activity


10) I'm scared I won't manage to come out this weekend. I'm absolutely snowed under with work. 11) If you knuckle down and try to concentrate I'm certain you'll succeed in your exams. —work hard 12) The doctor's informed me to take it easy and to prevent stressful situations. _________________________________________________

Fri 21 Dec 2012. Matter: Character Qualities


13) Bob stands out being a bit of a hard diamond but you couldn't meet a more trustworthy colleague? diamond in the roughжњЄз»Џй›•зђўзљ„й’»зџі Fig. an individual who has great qualities despite a rough external; a person with great potential 14) My dad's a tough dessert and defintely won't be worried about accepting a long, cross country walk. еѕ€ејєж‚Ќзљ„дєє-someone who is extremely determined to perform what they want and who usually succeeds actually in difficult situations 15) Geoff is a bit high-handed and isn't extremely popular in the office. еђЌиЇЌ high horses high-handed- an attitude of conceited superiority

Worksheet for Week 25 (of 26)

Monday 24 Dec 2012. Subject: Moods and Emotions


1) Now i am at my wit's end. We have looked almost everywhere for my purse and i also can't believe it is anywhere. you aren't distressed because you can't take action to a issue. 2) You look really cheesed off Is crucial OK? frustrated

3) I'll do some laniere for Debbie. She sounded at the end of her tether on the phone and i believe she has to have a break. you are pressured, worried or tired and unable to cope with a situation. _________________________________________________

Tuesday 25 12 , 2012. Communication


4) I tried talking with Hanna yet typically We couldn't get yourself a word in edgewise to find an opportunity to claim something 5) You know how stubborn my husband is definitely, don't you? It's like talking to a brick wall! in the event that talking to somebody is like discussing with a brick wall, anyone you happen to be speaking to does not listen 6) I need to have got a pest in your headsets about a sensitive matter. _________________________________________________

Wednesday dua puluh enam December 2012. Topic: Tallying and Disagreeing _________________________________________________

7) You explained earlier that individuals aren't willing to recycle yet I beg to differ/disagree a polite way of stating...

Cartoon Personal Reflection Composition