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Purpose: motivate visitors to learn about upcoming possibilities. Today, DNA is an important component of our lives. DNA technology which means Deoxyribonucleic Acid may be the famous approach that employing in various medical fields. It gave the history of cellular material on the chromosomes in our human body. Every cell has a exceptional DNA contact form. For example , chloroplasts in herb, and mitochondria in plants cells and animals cells. The experts do a lot of research to development DNA technology in future. DNA assists government to do many action in resolving crime. As well, DNA technology can find medical solution later on and can fix the ancient history. DNA technology possess a lot of effect which include historic insider secrets, crime, and health. One of the most important effect of DNA technology is that the people can find medical solution down the road. A lot of disease right now can be causeds by mutant genes such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and renal disease. DNA technology can easily explain a history of the households with different disease which can persons avoid it in future. Likewise, the result of one individual getting a test can give information regarding her or his family members. For example , in Minnesota, a 51 year old woman named Naadae Maalouli know that her family includes a genetic good cancer. The cancer hitting her family so , her mom and her sibling have perished of cancers and there is probably to pass the genes to Naada likewise. e likewise her mommy and her sister include died of cancer. The DNA can show how the potential for getting the genetics that could cause the cancers. She has didn't take the actual DNA assessment because the girl was healthy and balanced but if this wounderful woman has signs of disease, she will get DNA exam. As a result, Sshe will get checkups regularly to stop the risk of disease if the girl know about it by getting the test of DNA. take it. tTo sump up, there are huge numbers of people can stay away from the disease by simply do DNA test early, for them to...

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