Singapore International Airline SWOT TOWS SFA STUDIES Composition



Small Fleet

Geographical diversification

Solid Brand reputation

Self-sustainable business model

Bold and prudent administration

Highly competitive human resource

Effective distribution funnel – CRS - ABACUS

Weak point

No govt subsidies

Short of route network

Too much service classification and pricey


Open Skies – government contract between countries, bilateral or multilateral Proper alliance

Growth of air traveling service and cargo services


High volatile energy price

Brutal competition

Prone to external effects such as economic system downturn and natural disaster The rise of terrorism act

Federal government restriction of foreign control

SO (Self Sustainable Organization + Expansion In Industry)

Upgrading of aircraft services


TANTO having the practices in maintaining their very own aircraft with highest specifications and that will lead much to them when they deem the aircraft is up to the grow older for traveling service (average 6 years 3 months), they can however integrate upgrading and modification functions for traveling aircraft and convert that into valuables service. Initial, upgrading will enable the aircraft pre-loaded with latest technology and subsequently obtain the aim of safety and gasoline saving approach. Secondly, they will enjoy further benefits in capital cost because of the massive amount of money that they could conserve without buying new aircraft for valuables use.

Why not?



TANTO can be more beneficial in cost saving getting into aircraft upgrading and modification work, new aircraft is only for passenger service since it is crucial to make use of the best for having people due to better comfortableness safety. Alternatively, SIA replenish the old airplanes for freight use plus they can gain better prize in much less cost of shopping for new aeroplanes and the approach will not deviate from their current objectives to operate young number of enhanced protection and gas efficient, as a result the aim can be achieved with...

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