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Financial Evaluation of Safeway


In today's economy people are concerned about making every dollars count, especially when it comes to purchasing groceries for their families. Although there are many grocery stores available to customers, each person (or family) often gravitate to those that offer cost savings and goods that are reasonably priced. This daily news will go over the monetary health of the popular grocery store chain – Safeway. Economic ratios to be used to determine in the event Safeway is performing well in comparison to just one of their competitors or perhaps if they need to make some changes to its organization practices.


In today's world, it is essential to possess at least a minimal knowledge of financial details and its impact on us while consumers and investors. Each individual is between financial details each day with his or her own funds. In this newspaper, I have decided to do a financial analysis around the company Safeway. It is a grocery store chain I have frequented for many years including during my childhood. I actually value the quality products and all their bonus cards program and truly believe you pay for what you get. The company operated 1, 694 stores inside the Western, Southwestern, Rocky Mountain, Midwestern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States and in western Canada (Safeway 2010 Annual Report). The kinds of products are endless and in the past five years, diversity allergy free products possess increased. I realize this since my child has five food allergies and that if demanding to shop in one store and find items that do not include the allergies this lady has. Safeway, i believe, has done an outstanding job of recognizing the necessity and made significant efforts for making those products available for purchase. With all of this achievement, I have experienced, I will take a closer look into their economic statement in 2010 and determine if their success is also inside the numbers. The following ratios will probably be analyzed in...

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