Risk Examination Essay

Risk Assessment

As a member of the Grenericville city council, my political election is to election against the use of the insecticide spray Malathion. Yes, Malathion is a pesticide, and a powerful one at that. Malathion is a chemical and the effect it has on society's overall health is almost while great because impact of mosquito-borne disorders, like the Western Nile which Genericville has reported situations of every summertime. According to a study required for 2000 by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, laboratory animals encountered with the chemicals were found to obtain developed tumors (n. deb., Feldman). Another potential threat is the potential 90 situations of Malathion related health problems of which four could be fatal. A study created by Cornel School states that Malathion can be moderately poisonous to parrots. The study likewise showed which the pesticide is highly toxic to honey bees, some species of fish and also to aquatic invertebrates. The potential threat to both people of Genericville and to the animals is not just a risk I am happy to take. I really do not feel that the pros of spraying Malathion out think about the downsides. There never have been enough studies performed on the effects, both short and long term, of Malathion to demonstrate it is a safe chemical. The studies I have seen present cases in which Malathion has killed animals and made health problems for anyone exposed. An article by the Division of Preventive Medicine College or university of El monte, Los Angeles shows a potential wellness risk of Malathion. The study says " it absolutely was found that children who had been exposed to Malathion during the second trimester of pregnancy were showing over two and one-half occasions more stomach disorders (affecting the tummy and small intestines) compared to children certainly not exposed to Malathion during pregnancy. " (Department of Preventative Medicine, 1992). The types of studies show what exposure to Malathion can do to both humans plus the ecological program. Things like tumors, kidney and lung harm, intestinal disorders...

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