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School English Workshop Essay #1 Proposal Essay

Instructor Identity: Nicholas Big t. Papas

Identity: LI YUN LIU

Date: 5/3/2013

You could probably possess or listen to someone's connection with going through the long and annoying process of secureness check in the airport before starting your journey. After the 911 attacked, the united states airports include introduced tight and complicated security procedures. Since then, moaning has been widespread along with the concerned of individual's privacy. Though it is sensible that the To. S. A (Transportation Secureness Administration )considers the safety of the country is a top priority, I would wonder who could procedure these travellers to fight for their level of privacy. In this study, I will mention some intrusion of personal privacy issues in U. S i9000 which related to the flying security as well as the possible concerning problems.

Individuals might be offended because they will feel insulting or humiliated when they go through the body scanning device which creates a clear undressed image towards the security staff. All the people in the US airports have to move across the scanning devices. This allow the safeguards to be aware of whether the voyager carry any dangerous weaponry. In addition , a lot of people are arbitrarily selected to pass through the scanning device while others be placed to pat-downs once again. These inappropriate way of assessment violate venerate and dignity of people.

Traveling Profiling is another controversial issue. This indicates which the security ecuries would choose certain travelers for further check simply because of all their religion, competition or appearance. Nevertheless, it is rather invade a person right to personal privacy despite the fact that those individuals are outsiders. It has been fighting that about what extent can easily protect the security of its nation while still allowing for their legal rights of the individual.

Nevertheless , those who proponent the precise physique scanner can be willing to

protect themselves from being injury and endure invasions with their privacy....

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