Placing Fault Essay

The Media and Our Chaotic Society

As you read a newspaper or perhaps watch the news on television, should you have come to the conclusion that violence is now a real problem in the world we live in. America has witnessed many functions of physical violence through the previous years. The media is one of the main reasons behind violent criminal activity in America because video games and the internet are sources that expose kids to violence. Children are encountered with violence throughout the Internet plus the videogames that they play which will contains many violent violence. For instance games can be a negative idea to have your child playing with. I believe that videogames incorporate violence that may influence kids to create less than comfortable habits, or make bad alternatives. The internet also has violent violence that can be proven in many other ways. For example , one of the biggest aggressive behavior that is shown online is cyber intimidation. The internet and video games can take part of a major violent crime. There are many different ways it shown throughout games and the net. By subjecting them to lifelong exposure to this sort of violent games from " Are We Training Our Kids to Eliminate, ” " a child from South Carolina who was facing the death penalty” (489). Obviously the child great friend determined it would be entertaining to rob the local comfort store. Eventually, the child indicated a snub-nosed. 38 gun at the clerk's head and was killed. The interactive videogames offers conditioned him to capture a gun to kill. The child has put in hundreds of dollars on videogames learning to point and blast. The child is committing the violent acts; it can have an effect on a kid's thought patterns. Dave Grossman argues that " killing does not come naturally; you have to be taught to kill, ” (481). It also is often rewarded rather than reprimanded, for instance as you kill or shoot somebody in the videogame, you happen to be rewarded of getting money. It might effect a child's existence and can bring about bigger implications;...

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