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Cardiovascular Dynamics

Boat Resistance

This questions make reference to Activity 1: Studying the Effect of Flow Tube Radius on Substance Flow. 1 ) At which radius was the substance flow level the highest? _________________________________________________________ 2 . The thing that was the flow rate only at that radius? ____________________________________________________________________ 3. Describe the relationship between flow rate and radius size. ___________________________________________________

4. What happens to blood vessels in your body if increased blood flow should be used?

The following inquiries refer to Activity 2: Studying the Effect of Viscosity in Fluid Stream. 5. For what viscosity level was the fluid flow rate the highest? ____________________________________________________ 6th. Describe the partnership between circulation rate and viscosity. ____________________________________________________

7. Was the effect of viscosity greater or perhaps less than the result of radius on smooth flow? How come? ______________________________

eight. What impact would low blood count have on blood flow? Why? _______________________________________________________

The subsequent questions make reference to Activity several: Studying the Effect of Flow Tube Duration on Fluid Flow. being unfaithful. At what flow tube length was the flow rate the highest? ______________________________________________________ 10. Identify the relationship between flow pipe length and fluid flow rate. __________________________________________

11. What effect do you think obesity could have on blood flow? Why? _____________________________________________


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Review Linen 5

The following questions consider Activity some: Studying the result of Pressure on Substance Flow. 12. What impact did increased pressure have got on the liquid flow level? ________________________________________________

13. In the body, exactly where does the...

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