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Unit 6 LEGO Group Case Study Evaluation

Kaplan University or college

School of Business

MT460 Management Insurance plan and Approach

Author: David Nelson

Teacher: Dr . Levitt

Date: 20 February 2015

LEGO Group

Company Name: LEGO Group

Theme of the Week: Implementation

Suite of the Condition

After outsourcing to Flextronics, LEGO Group decided it had been more cost effective to hold manufacturing installation in house. With this move, LEGO supply chain can produce much faster throughout the best, leanest and finest quality solution at all times (Pearce & Robinson, pg 12-2, 2011). Now that LEGO Group provides regained the control of the manufacturing process, they made a decision to establish a motto; " The particular Best is Good Enough”. Basically, they want the particular best from start to finish, from the making of Lego's to offering them in shelves looking. Alternative Solutions

1 . Develop new ways to differentiate themselves from other " Manufacturers” that try to copy Lego. This can be done through extensive marketing strategies, implementing fresh categories or even expanding to new, untrained markets. installment payments on your Increase industry shares in Eastern The european countries and purchase emerging marketplaces (China, India and Mexico). Once SEGLAR Group has done this; they are able to broaden their collection and even the organization itself. three or more. Find a way to boost placement in movies (they have began to do this). Movies really are a very good way to display what Lego's are capable of doing. Expanding the minds and creativity of today's children. Selected Strategy to the Problem

With Lego looking to differentiate themselves from other companies, they can certainly continue while using themed Lego's they have been. By continuing to keep track of this trends of kids in the middle to upper middle class, they can stay prior to the competition. Once Lego has generated the developments among the selected demographic and in many cases ages, they can implement a means to00 produce Lego products that could appeal to middle and upper class children.

Another element of this answer would be making use of other countries that at the moment don't have Lego's. By getting into these untrained markets, they can easily expand their current portfolio. With this development, they can likewise find styles in these areas that could be have been discovered yet. This could be like when ever " Howdy Kitty” started up in Asia. Within a number of years, Hello Pet was producing a huge splash within the U. S. Execution

Implementation would begin by looking at the target target audience. In this instance, it will be the untrained market that currently doesn't see Lego. There maybe a imitation Profano like building block and this would in a sense, aggravating if they sell theirs for sale. Along with implementation, Lego would look at either manufacturing in the chosen untapped markets, or import from their founded manufacturer spots. This could be a win-lose, win-win, or a lose-lose. This step is incredibly crucial to the achievements of LEGO Group.

Once execution has been developed, it is now a chance to move on to executing. During this stage, logistics, warehouses and even delivery of the Lego's will be finalized and executed to expand into untrained markets. Combined with execution, they must supervise every aspect to ensure that they may be providing the products that the demographics who happen to be want or perhaps looking for. Advice and Realization

With development into Eastern Europe or even investing in rising markets, PROFANO Group are not able to go wrong. With Lego needing every kid to increase their minds by giving only the better to help children unlock that creativity inside themselves. Simply by increasing product placement in movies, growing Lego friends segment and in many cases providing " Direct to Customer” activities, the PROFANO Group can drastically expand there currently powerful, exceptional Lego manufacturer.


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