п»їMercator International Symposium: European countries 2004: A new framework for all languages? The justification to mother tongue method education-the hot potato in human privileges instruments Talk about by Doctor Tove Skutnabb-Kangas in Opening Plenary

" As long as we now have the language, we certainly have the tradition. As long as we have the tradition, we can hold on to the land. " ------------------------(pg. 1) Within an article referred to as " Proper rights for sale. Worldwide law favours market values", Mireille DelmasMarty (2003) discusses the danger inside the conflict between legal concepts based on, on the one hand, " universal" market principles, on the other hand, honestly universal not -market beliefs. The genuinely universal no -market ideals obviously contain individual and collective individual rights, as an element of the universal common history of humanity. Even if philosophy of both human rights law and philosophically focused parts of personal science at this point start accepting that there shouldbe normative rights regarding at least some areas of this historical past (in their terminology " common general public assets" ), the legal protection of market principles is incommensurably stronger than the protection of non-market ideals. DelmasMarty exemplifies this with the fact that you cannot find any universal worldwide court that folks could use when their (non -market value based) human legal rights have been violated. " Individual rights are entirely a matter for says, and information are the simply form of monitoring" (ibid. ). And if this monitoring, that i have exemplified with the Admonitory Committee for the Framework Convention, does not support educational linguistic human privileges strongly, there exists a problem. However, laws based upon market beliefs are being spread simply by more or less global organizations just like the WTO (World Trade Organisation) and, it seems like to me, even more dangerously, WIPO (World Mental Property Organisation) 25. These laws are being created extremely swiftly, with severe sanctions intended for violations....

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