Mgmt Part 6 Home work Essay

6th. 1 Given a standard normal circulation (with a mean

of 0 and a typical deviation of 1, as in Table E. 2), what is the probability that

a. Z . is less than 1 ) 57?

w. Z is definitely greater than 1 ) 84?

c. Z is between 1 . 57 and 1 . 84?

d. Z . is less than 1 . 57 or perhaps greater than 1 ) 84?

6. 5 Offered a normal division m sama dengan 100 and s = 10

precisely what is the possibility that

a. X > 75?

b. X < 70?

c. X < 80 or X > 100?

deb. Between what two X values (symmetrically distributed surrounding the mean) will be 80% with the values?

six. 7 Within a recent yr, about two-thirds of U. S. people

purchased ground coffee. Consider the total annual ground cof-

fee costs for homeowners purchasing ground coffee,

assuming that these expenditures are approximately distrib-

uted as a regular random varying with a indicate of $65. 16 and

a standard deviation of $10. 00.

a. Find the probability which a household put in less than 35 dollars. 00. b. Find the probability which a household spent more than

$60. 00.

c. What percentage of the households spent among $40. 00

and $50. 00?

deb. 99% from the households put in less than what amount?

six. 11 A statistical examination of 1, 000 long-distance phone calls made from the headquarters of the Bricks and Clicks

Laptop Corporation shows that the period of these

cell phone calls is normally sent out, with meters = 240 seconds and

s = 40 mere seconds.

a. What is the probability that a phone lasted less than 180

just a few seconds?

b. Precisely what is the likelihood that a call lasted among 180 and 300 seconds?

c. Precisely what is the possibility that a call up lasted between 110 and 180 seconds?

d. 1% of all cell phone calls will last below how various seconds?

6. 19 Twenty five companies include the DJIA. Just how big

are these firms? One common method for testing

the size of a company is to use the market capitalization,

which is calculated by growing the number of stock

shares by the price of any share of stock. On June 19, 2009, industry capitalization of such companies went from...

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