Match and Evidence Essay

п»їName: Shakiera Madison

Date: Feb . 3, 2014

School: Southside High School

Facilitator: Henrietta Smith

2 . 05 Can This Evidence Become Individualized?

Data 1:

Some torn clothing was bought at a crime field. A split t-shirt was found in among the suspect's car.

1 . Can your torn garments from the crime scene become individualized to the t-shirt present in the car? For what reason or why not? Yes. Since it could be specific evidence

little glass fragmentslarge glass come apart

Evidence two:

Small pieces of glass were found in a suspect's clothing pocket of any breaking and entering criminal offenses. In this offense, the robber broke a window to the home.

2 . Will be the pieces of tiny glass regarded class or perhaps individual evidence? Explain. School evidence since it cannot be pieced back together.

several. What if the pieces of cup were huge pieces that might be pieced back together in the windowpane, would it be considered class or perhaps individual data? Explain.

Person evidence, since it can be pieced back together and linked to the subject.

Evidence 3:

A traditional bank robbery resulted in a frightening hand drafted note. A suspect that worked at the financial institution had a comparable notepad in the desk.

5. Could the handwriting be considered category or individual evidence? Clarify. Individual because the handwriting can be traced.

your five. What about the notepad?

Class since anyone can have a notepad with a lily on it.

6. So how does15404 the notepad be personalized to the ransom note? In the event the remaining newspaper has the same ransom opinions on it.

Facts 4:

A local newspaper was found at against the law scene however it was missing Section B. A Section M was present in the home of the suspect.

7. Is Section B person or category evidence? Make clear.

Class because anyone may have that section of the newspaper.

Evidence 5:

Duct tape was used on a sufferer in a homicide case. A roll of the identical brand of duct tape was found in a suspect's car.

8. Can this item of evidence be regarded as class or perhaps individual? Clarify. Individual as it was split and it can end up being traced simply by fingerprints.

Evidence 6:

A few latex mitts were available at a crime field. The same model of latex gloves were available at a suspect's house.

on the lookout for. Can the mitts be individualized to the field? Explain. Category because any individual can include those hand protection.

Evidence six:

Fingerprints were found at against the law scene.

10. Can fingerprints be considered class or perhaps individual evidence? Explain. Person because it may trace throughout the suspect.

Evidence 8:

GENETICS was found under the finger nails of a victim.

11. Can your DNA be looked at class or perhaps individual facts? Explain. Fingerprints are person because they are one of a kind to each person.

Evidence on the lookout for:

A meet was found at a crime picture and a match book was present in a suspect's car.

12. Can the match found at the crime picture be customized to the meet books? Clarify. The fits would be specific if the match from the criminal offenses scene combined the one around the suspects car.

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