jellyfish and ocean power Essay

Jellyfish and Ocean Currents

Mrs. Haske

English eleven

December some, 2012


I Intro

A. Statements about jellyfish

B. Thesis statement: Jellyfish are secret creatures that live almost any place in the water and depend on sea currents to go as well as make them. 2 Body

A. What are jellyfish?

1 . History of the jellyfish

2 . Description of the jellyfish

a. In which their areas of the body are located and what they do

my spouse and i. Ability to find

ii. If they sting as well as the location of the stingers

iii. How they eat

iv. What they seem like

b. That they function

i actually. Without a brain

ii. Communication

iii. Replicate

3. Motion

a. Sea currents

n. Contracting their bodies in a rhythmic heart beat

B. Types of jellyfish and how that they interact and what they do 1 . There are hundreds of types of jellyfish. That they range from every size a. Selection in sizes from less than an inches to almost seven ft long, with tentacles/stingers up to 100 feet long. w. Body of water through which they live in

c. The way they act

d. Venom and symptoms

2 . They can live in most ocean absolute depths

a. Seaside shores

b. Deep depths with the ocean

c. Just how jellyfish have an effect on people

C. Habitat

1 . Water currents

a. Causes of water currents

b. Where sea currents are the strongest

c. How the marine currents impact jellyfish

2 . In which jellyfish are usually located

a. Warmer or colder

m. Does nearly anything eat them

c. Live by themselves or perhaps with other folks

III Conclusion

A. Thesis restated: Jellyfish are exclusive in there characteristics and they live nearly everywhere in the water and rely on sea currents to advance as well as produce them. W. Summary

C. Concluding statement

Jellyfish are certainly not the initially things that can come to mind once someone describes animals. They may be not the fastest and also the most beautiful to think about but they could be pretty interesting. Thousands of these creatures, small and big, are actually impacting on you now. Through marine currents them can move about almost anywhere, though the majority of cannot observe. Jellyfish are mysterious creatures that live practically anywhere in water and rely upon ocean power to move and also create all of them.

Jellyfish have been about for over 650 million years and there are a large number of different species, with much more being discovered (Watson). They will live throughout in the oceans and can at times be easily spotted and other occasions they can be more difficult. Jellyfish are carnivores; they consume algae, zooplankton, and crustaceans (Watson). Jellyfish are not actually fish at all though; they are a type of plankton (Watson). They will swim through the oceans looking for food mainly because it passes simply by. Nematocyst cellular material causes the threads of jellyfish's stingers to uncoil, the stinging cells spring out, shooting venom to paralyze the jellyfish food (Watson).

Jellyfish look and function a lot differently than other pets or animals or humans. Jellyfish you don't have eyes, the ears, a nostril, a tongue, or hands, so they will depend on feeling cells situated on the edge with their bell and tentacles. These kinds of cells assist to sense mild, chemicals inside the water that help to harmony the jellyfish (" Jellyfish”). The jellyfish do not have always a good way of detecting what they are stinging though. They do not keep pace with attack people; their nervous system is too simple for your. It is a defense mechanism and a way of how you can capture their prey (Watson). After the jellyfish record their prey they consume that. Their mouth area, or spray hole, is in the bottom, center of their bodies (Watson). After the food passes through the orifice, this enters a stomach like cavity in the jellyfish.

Jellyfish have half a dozen basic parts of the body that include the skin, gastro pores and skin, mesoglea, gastro vascular tooth cavity, on hole and their tentacles (Watson). Only some jellyfish will be identical nevertheless. Jellyfish can vary in size coming from less than a great inch to about eight feet extended. Their tentacles can are as long as 100 ft long (Watson)....

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