Intermediate Accounting I Unit 1 Article


AC301: Intermediate Accounting 2

CPA Test and Certification

Wendy Roy


I went and visited some websites to understand completely Washington dc laws to get the CPA (CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT), some of the websites I went to were; California Board of Accountancy, CalCPA, and This Approach to CPA (CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT). These websites provided insight to the education specifications that A bunch of states requires just before taking the test.

There are many different positive aspects to to become CPA table member, many of these advantages are; salary, demand, International reputation, career overall flexibility, and a better job. When you become a CPA for entry-level, the pay on average is 10-15 percent above those with just an accounting degree. The demand for CPAs is large, and is continuous to increase since financial polices become tighter. Usually the best jobs will be reserved for those who decide to become CPAs, this kind of giving advantages over just an accounting degree. CPA certification is internationally accepted all over the world, giving you more opportunities to discover jobs all over the world. CPAs appear to have more profession flexibility; you will find jobs for accountants in all of the different various jobs, damaging the myth of just a ‘desk-bound' accountant.

The California point out board has strict regulations for CPAs who have taken the test outside the state. I discovered it interesting that the table can make a decision whether to accept certain CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT licenses. The state will have you request an approval of the CPA certificate, and Cal will determine if that state evaluation has while high of criteria that California's state test does. Whether it doesn't have precisely the same standards then you certainly will have to take the exam in California to obtain your CPA license.

California's state requirements for taking the CPA exam is as implemented; 24 term units in Accounting subjects, 24 session units in business related themes, 20 semester units in Accounting subjects but need to meet minimum of 6 session units in accounting...

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