Ignorance Is usually Bliss Essay

Yuliana Havryshchuk

Mrs. Nayyar


6 December 2011

Lack of knowledge is Happiness

" Ignorance is bliss” is a popular quote coming from an old poem written by Thomas Grey. It highlights the inherent romantic relationship between ignorance and delight. Ignorance can often be presented within a negative light- its positive aspects never looked into. Daniel Keyes' short account Flowers to get Algernon displays the conceivable benefits to living in ignorance, through Charlie, a man which has a mental impairment who has his intelligence tripled through a clinical experiment. His journey of realization helps the fact that living in lack of knowledge is often easier and more fulfilling than living with the burden of awareness. Those people who are ignorant, or unaware of their surroundings, can not be in a negative way affected by these people. Before the procedure that boosts his cleverness, Charlie is oblivious to the derogatory method that people deal with him. He can happy to receive any kind of interest. He is blissful. Charlie will not understand the which means behind the insults, and is also therefore not really affected by them. One of his progress reports states, " Joe Carp said what did they actually Charlie, put some brains in? That made me laugh. They're really my friends and they with this problem ” (Keyes 4). Had Charlie been as smart as an average, he would have been hurt by the statements his ‘friends' make. Being ignorant, he is still happy. May well and Frank get Charlie intoxicated and force him to perform undignified tasks, just like mopping lavatories, while every person watches and laughs at him. Charlie writes in the diary, " Joe said Charlie is a card when he's plants in pots. I how to start what this means but everyone likes myself and we have got fun” (Keyes 5). He does not know that his ‘friends' are getting cruel. He recalls, " I went down to buy a newspaper and coffee for Joe and Frank so when I went back there was nobody there. We looked for them all over right up until late” (Keyes 5). A rational, fair person can be devastated in the event they received such treatment from their best friends. A person who is definitely ignorant, yet , does not get a problem with that. They remain happy. Once his exceptional needs school teacher Miss Kinnian attempts to warn Steve about inappropriate people on the globe, he responds, " My friends happen to be smart people, but they're good. They will like me and in addition they never did whatever was not nice. ” Steve recounts in his journal, " Then [she] got a thing in her eye and she was required to run out for the lady's room” (Keyes 6). Charlie is clearly impaired to the criticizing way that his ‘friends' treat him. This lack of knowledge therefore would not hurt him. Miss Kinnian who is clever, is in a roundabout way affected, even so still feels sorrow for Charlie. This really is a clear sign that the uninformed person can be happier compared to the intellectual. There is also a great contrast between the way ignorant and intelligent people think. The ignorant do not know the rudeness of the world, and therefore are therefore seldom troubled by it. Charlie is immune towards the way he can treated by others, mainly because he is not aware that it is derogatory. His lack of knowledge is what allows him to keep to be happy.

Charlie chooses to partake in an experimental analyze that has the potential to increase his intelligence. The operation is actually a success. Because of the vast growth in Charlie's IQ, his lifestyle after the procedure changes greatly. He not simply realizes that his ‘friends' are not as nice as they appear, but this individual drives all of them away. Together with his new brains, Charlie is without choice but to accept reality, ultimately charging him his happiness. As Charlie's brains increases, therefore does his awareness of others' behavior toward him. He realizes which the men this individual thought had been his close friends simply ridicule and ansto? him. In his diary, he writes, " I by no means knew that Joe and Frank plus the other liked to have me around constantly to make fun of me personally. I'm ashamed” (Keyes 8). Before the procedure, in his express of ignorance, Charlie seems accepted, cheerful, and blissful....

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