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1 . Precisely what are the Hurrian songs? Why are they important?

A. The Hurrian songs had been a set of fragmentary relics. They may be important since they are a nearly total example of notated music from around 1400 BCE. 2 . What is the Natya Shastra? Why is it significant?

A. The Natya Shastra is a crafted discourse within the performing arts. It is important as this document may well represent the foundation of music and other fine arts. 3. Who were troubadours? What was all their music just like?

A. The troubadours were traveling poet-musicians. Their music was monophonic. 4. Exactly what the settings in American music? Explain at least one setting in Western music. A. The settings are a series of pitches accustomed to compose and play music. A good example would be Dorian mode. your five. What is polyphonic music? How can it differ from monophonic music? A. Polyphonic music uses two or more impartial melodies. Its different from monophonic music since monophonic was dominated inside the early Dark ages and polyphonic was popular and in use. Critical Pondering Questions

1 . Why did early humans develop music? What are some of the ways that they were thought to make music? A. Early humans developed music to simulate the noises they read and to also help with individuals. Some of the techniques they were thought to create music were mainly with their sounds. 2 . Why is the study of prehistoric and historical music important? What can we learn from it? A. Study regarding ancient and prehistoric music is important since it uncovers evidence related to music and how they will influence music today. 3. What functions did music play in the existence of prehistoric and historical people? Are definitely the roles similar to or totally different from the jobs that it performs today? A. Music long ago was mainly utilized for hunting or traditions, I believe. And today its accustomed to either manage to get thier opinion away or to produce a popular struck. The functions are very several. 4. What were the effects of musical mention on music, society, and composers? A. The effects of...

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