Why Are Even more Standing Seat tickets Sold Than Sitting Seat tickets at Put Concerts? Essay

Mariia Voinova 10A

What makes more position tickets marketed than sitting tickets by pop live shows?

I chose this question, because I really love to go to distinct concerts, specifically pop shows. I discovered that many people prefer to buy standing tickets instead of seated entry pass. At appear concerts you will find just teenagers and they prefer to stand. They prefer position tickets because they are cheaper than sitting entry pass and they conserve their money. This is due to, according to economic theory, people desire to save money just as much as at feasible and they will pick the cheapest seat tickets. Also, if you are standing you may have more fun, than people, who also are seated. You can maneuver, dance, and shout together with your friends. People will have more pleasurable, and they will inform about this live concert to their friends and next time more people will go to concert. Sitting down place occupies more space than standing seat tickets. That means that businesses will certainly earn more money if perhaps they will promote standing locations. Therefore in respect the monetary theory, businesses want to make since bigger earnings as in possible and don't want to shell out money, but for sitting entry pass they should purchase chairs, pay out to the company which will deliver them and so forth That's why on their behalf is much better to offer standing entry pass. If you are buying standing seats that mean that you will be closer to stage and you will have more fun. Also an musician will be closer to you. Case in point:

| Sitting| Standing

places| 400, 30€ per solution | 700, 20€ every ticket| Merchandise1| 30€| 30€

1 goods is things such as posters, tshirts, concert applications, food and drinks and so forth TOTAL:

Resting places= 2400€

Standing places= 3500€

During my example I imagine that we have a concert in the night membership. Businessmen are thinking what better to generate: standing seats or sittings tickets. About this table above we can see that they...

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