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Q. 1 Exactly what are the main differences between OSI and TCP/IP reference designs? Explain briefly.

The main dissimilarities between the two models happen to be as follows: -

- OSI is a research model and TCP/IP is an execution of OSI model.

-- TCP/IP Protocols are considered to get standards around which the Net has developed. The OSI style however can be described as " Generic, protocol-independent normal. "

-- TCP/IP combines the presentation and program layer concerns into its application layer.

- TCP/IP combines the OSI data website link and physical layers in to the network access layer.

- TCP/IP appears to be a simpler unit and this is mainly due to the fact that they have fewer layers.

- TCP/IP is considered to be a much more credible model- this is primarily due to the fact since TCP/IP protocols are the criteria around which the Internet originated therefore it generally gains creditability due to this reason. Where as as opposed networks are generally not usually created around the OSI model as it is merely applied as a direction tool.

- The OSI model includes 7 executive layers whereas the TCP/IP only features 4 layers

Q. 2 Is TCP checksum required or can TCP let IP to checksum the info? - Yes, TCP Checksum is necessary.

TCP layer is responsible for error detection, error control, retransmission of packets in the event that required, reassembly of packets as well as their fragmentation. Consequently for all mistake control and detection purposes TCP Checksum is essential. TCP cannot allow IP to checksum data however IP has its own checksum for its header. IP part is basically in charge of routing of IP datagrams immaterial of whether that packet is intended for TCP providers or UDP services. As a result immaterial of what details is found in data part, IP coating is only in charge of routing of packets and all the issues associated with error control, error diagnosis, and movement control in terms of Routing just. Hence IP does not have a checksum for info unlike TCP.

Q. a few Explain Three-Way Handshake Device used by TCP to terminate a Session reliably? The TCP three-way handshake in Tranny Control Protocol (also referred to as the TCP-handshake; three message handshake and SYN-SYN-ACK) is a method utilized by TCP build a TCP/IP connection above an Internet Process based network. TCP's 3 way handshaking technique is often referred to as " SYN-SYN-ACK" (or better SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK) because there are three messages transmitted by TCP to negotiate and commence a TCP session between two pcs. The TCP handshaking device is designed to ensure that two computer systems attempting to communicate can make a deal the parameters of the network TCP socket connection prior to transmitting data such as SSH and HTTP web browser asks for. 

This 3-way handshake procedure is also designed so that equally ends can initiate and negotiate distinct TCP plug connections concurrently. Being able to work out multiple TCP socket links in the two directions simultaneously allows an individual physical network interface, just like ethernet, to be multiplexed to transfer multiple streams of TCP data simultaneously.

Q4. Explain various fields in IPV6 base header?

Visitors Class:

The Traffic Category field is definitely an 8-bit field that is used to symbolize the importance with the data contained within this specific packet. With IPv4, these details was signified with the TOS field and supported both IP precedence and Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP). The Traffic Class field used with IPv6 supports DSCP solely; this kind of specification uses the first 6 pieces to indicate the Per Get Behavior (PHB) of the comprised data; these types of PHB's will be defined in RFC 2474 and its additions.

Flow Packaging:

Before learning the Flow Label the definition of the flow must be understood. Think about a flow as a stream of traffic that is caused by one source and most likely going for one or more...

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