Governments Should Make More Effort to advertise Alternative Causes of Energy Dissertation

Despite the fact that technology features greatly advanced in the last decade, most government authorities of countries around the world still employ fossil fuel-based methods of strength production. This is often detrimental to the human race since, according to (online), " The use of these types of fuels provides two major problems; it depletes the natural source and eventually is going to run out; as well as the burning of the fuel (i. e. coal) creates great pollution by means of greenhouse smells (GHG's including carbon monoxide and dioxide, and sulphur dioxide). It is these kinds of gases which will lead to climatic change and slowly and gradually destroy the environment. " Governments will have to opt for renewable energy/ alternative causes of energy to overcome this challenge. Only with the use of renewable energy/ alternative types of energy (which are virtually nonpolluting ) can this kind of destruction always be slowed-down just to save this planet. Renewable energy is definitely an alternative to non-renewable fuels and was commonly known as alternative strength in the 1970s and 1980s. In accordance to (online), " Renewable energy/ alternate sources of strength is strength which comes from natural assets such as sunlight, wind, rainfall, tides, Algae-to-fuel and geothermal heat, that happen to be renewable (naturally replenished). " Usage of these kinds of alternative causes of energy/ renewable energy should be advertised by Governments due to the environmental benefits, limited resources of current energy sources, in the name of expansion, Governments' responsibility to the people, and Government's aim to build a political gain over its resistance parties. Governments of countries by around the world would be doing a great deed for future years of this universe by advertising the usage of these types of alternative causes of energy/ power since, in accordance to (online), " it will reduce the acceleration of global warming and may help the long term generation in...

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