Formal Page Un Representative Essay

Balamand Anti-Drugs

ENGL 101 section 4 AIDI 211 16-11-2012

United Nations


Dear EL Representative,

Because an anti-drug organization, NEGATIVE (balamand Anti-Drugs), I will be showing to you each of our main purpose for introducing this organization. Because the issue of medicine addiction is usually spreading therefore fast and surrounding the living society, we chose to launch we in order to have a clean drug free society. Beginning with universities, golf clubs and public places. This organization's main purpose involves cleaning our contemporary society from medications by teaching people about this awful product and its effects, in addition to rehabilitating addicts. We know that additional organizations shown and looking to be selected as well, just like INKAZ (Car Accidents Organization), and the Intimate Health Corporation. In fact , automobile accidents are also a major problem nowadays. Enventhaugh the main purpose is to decrease problems causing these mishaps, but they are definitely not dealing with one of the main causes (drugs). On the other hand, Intimate Health Firm is working away at preventing conditions and so on, nonetheless they forgot that drug dependency can also lead to this problem. Therefore like I've mentioned previously, drugs and drug craving can be and is also most of the time the key cause of all of these problems. Eventually, I really hope you will definitely get into consideration, each of our purpose pertaining to stopping these problems, and that drug craving can ruin a whole world from teens to parents. I would like to thank...

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