Forensics 1 . 06 Crucial Thinking Research Paper

Review Questions

1) What is forensic science?

Forensic science may be the application of science to the lawbreaker justice system.

2) What three jobs or tasks does a forensic scientist have?

A forensic scientist may collect and analyze data from crime scenes, and train various other law enforcement people. Forensic researchers can work inside the lab, step out and gather data, or perhaps teach at colleges and universities.

3) What standards might be used to establish someone as an expert witness?

Process of law take in the educational degrees the fact that person offers, any magazines that they may well have, just how many years that they have been linked to their discipline, and any kind of professional businesses that the person is a member of.

4) What are two of the ways which a forensic pathologist might value to help decide the time of death?

A forensic pathologist can use rigorismo mortis and liver mortis to figure out moments of death.

5) What does a forensic anthropologist do?

A forensic anthropologist specializes in discovering and reviewing skeletons and skeletal continues to be.

Critical Thinking Queries

1) So why do you think it is so important to use proper methods when collecting evidence by a crime landscape?

It is important to work with proper strategies when collecting evidence to enable you to be able to examine it appropriately and get the correct information. If you do not make use of proper strategies and accumulate the wrong info, then your most experienced forensic scientist cannot evaluate it and the criminal could possibly get away, and you will never understand the truth of what happened.

2) Why do you consider forensic technology has been progressively used by the criminal justice system?

I believe that forensic science has been increasingly utilized by the felony justice program because it is research, which is simpler to analyze and understand for what reason and how issues happened. It also makes it less difficult because you aren't just playing two attributes of the...

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