Financial Assertion Analysis of Ford and Microsoft Business Essay


Department: Post Graduate Middle

Course Name: Mater in Finance and Banking


Commence Day: Week a couple of

Deadline Day: Week 5

Unit Control: Diep Mounin

Examiner: Diep Mounin

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1 ) This is a Group Assignment composed of THREE (3) members.

installment payments on your This Task will contribute twenty percent (30%) to the total marks with this module.

three or more. Use Harvard referencing program to estimate the causes of your research.

some. This Job consists of one (1) project paper. A lot of research has to get done to attain the task.


1 . See the Data Case below thoroughly and do the actual instruction one particular, 2, a few, 4, your five, 6, and 7 advise. 2 . Gather each job you have carried out and set up them to a report pertaining to the Vp of Collateral to keep an eye on. 3. The structure and flow of the paper needs to be well-planned and thought of. There must be a logical stream or build-up in your daily news. The assembled contents or perhaps facts should not appear to be fragmented. 4. The paper may include graphs, charts, photos, flowcharts and tables to illustrate the facts. five. The font size is doze, using ‘Arial' typeface.

Data Case

This really is your second interview with a prestigious brokerage firm for the job as an fairness analyst. You survived a period of time interviews together with the department supervisor and the Vp of Equity. Everything has gone so well that they can want to try your capacity as an analyst. You are placed in a place with a computer system and a lost with all the names of two companies—Ford (F) and Microsoft (MSFT). You have 85 minutes to complete the subsequent tasks: 1 ) Download the annual income assertions, balance sheets, and income statements the past four fiscal years by MarketWatch ( Enter every company's inventory symbol after which go to " financials. ” Export...

References: (List the sources you use to perform your study; excess weight 5


VII. Appendix (Attach the all the tables and info you have downloaded as

suggested by the instructions of the Info case; 5 percent)


Group Task

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