Descartes Fear of Being a Heretic? Essay

1 ) Does Descartes actually believe in God or is this individual forced to you can put belief of God in his text message due to fear of being accused a heretic. I i am skeptical whether or not Descartes' believes in God and in his own reasons for stating God is present. I have 1st taken into consideration the truth that during this time period and place it had been highly frowned upon to disagree with the chapel and anybody can be put to death with this. When studying Descartes resource it stated that this individual pulled his material faraway from publication if he received word of Galileo's trial in Rome. Having this information it seems like to me that there must have been completely some data that Descartes feared he would be put to death to get. I believe this information was his reasoning that the God does not exist, even so he revised his works to include that God actually does exist and includes his thinking for and so. Descartes says to hesitation everything, later he says to doubt anything that is certainly not certain. This definably involves the belief of God pertaining to even today it is uncertain if God. Descartes begins to admit since almost everything has to be connected back to something that has fact that there should be God; because we even know the word God must mean he exists. Nevertheless, you have to take into account that presently there where previous beliefs of countless Gods prior to the one God. How can this individual be sure this is actually the correct God? Descartes proof of God does not carry enough evidence with his statement. To state that God exists because we can be found isn't extremely convincing, thus I believe that Descartes in actually would not believe in The almighty but produced a few points in planning to prove that this individual exists in the interest of his very own life and being charged as a heretic.

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