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Toyota Global Vision and Strategy

The ‘Toyota Global Vision' announced in 03 2011, is usually

an assemblage of what type of company we want to end up being

— what style of business we must be. It clarifies our

benefit, " we want Toyota to become company that customers

select and provides a smile to every customer who also

chooses that. ” The ‘Toyota Global Vision' is actually a distillation of our resolve to a better upcoming. The purpose is usually to

unite all Toyota affiliates and employees around the world

within a common comprehension of the path that we should

consider towards lasting growth.

Paid with a smile by exceeding

your objectives

" Toyota will paved the way to the future of mobility,

enriching lives around the globe with the most dependable

and most liable ways of shifting people.

Through our commitment to quality, constant

innovation and respect intended for the planet, we all aim

Toyota Visionary Administration

The image of the tree have been chosen to symbolize the

Toyota Global Vision - their " origins to fruits”.

The root base of the tree are the distributed values that contain

steered Toyota from the beginning and this have

underlain our monozukuri1. They are portrayed in the

Toyoda Precepts, in the Guiding Principles at Toyota

and in the Toyota Approach, which form the foundation of the



to go over expectations and be rewarded

with a smile.

All of us will satisfy challenging goals by participating

the ability and passion of folks, who imagine

there is always an easier way. ”

The " fruit” that Toyota provides for customers, is creating " usually better cars” and enriching lives in residential areas. munities.

Through these work, we try to become a great admired

and trusted firm in the different regions exactly where we

in this article

conduct businesses.

The " trunk” with the tree, the underlying support for creating Toyota's products that earn smiles from our customers,


may be the stable foundation of organization.

Toyota Euro Sustainability Report 2012 - Intro

Toyota's business activities depend on the concept:

" ensuring eco friendly growth by simply fostering the virtuous

circle” Always better cars ➞ Enriching lives of


communities вћћ Stable base of organization.

1 Monozukuri covers a collection of activities and processes through production to sales and services, that creates added worth for customers


Corporate Cultural Responsibility

(CSR) Management

CSR Policy

Since its foundation, Toyota has strived to contribute

to the eco friendly development of contemporary society through

management in the production and dotacion of

ground breaking and top quality products and services.

The foundations of the endeavors will be the Guiding

Guidelines at Toyota and an explanation paper entitled

CSR INSURANCE PLAN: Contribution towards Sustainable


This doc interprets the Guiding Concepts at


Toyota. It absolutely was п¬Ѓrst on sale since 2005 and revised in 2008.


The Leading Principles make up the base of Toyota's Global

Vision and, together with the Code of Execute and the


Toyota Method, contain the principles and strategies that we

anticipate our employees to put into practice in their daymployees to-day activities.


Guiding Concepts at Toyota

CSR Coverage: Contribution to Sustainable Creation

Toyota Global Vision

Medium-to long-term managing plans

Company policies, gross annual policies, local

policies, mind office and divisional plans

Toyota Code of Carry out

Toyota Method 2001

Global Vision for anyone we serve

Regular business activities

CSR Assessment 2011

The outcomes of the CSR assessment allow

us to:

Identify key TME mid-term issues

Prioritise improvement opportunities

Act upon these kinds of opportunities and show

progress with time


Contribution toward

Sustainable Development




Organization Partners



Toyota European Sustainability Report 2012 - Intro

Even as strive for continuous improvement,

TME has developed an internal assessment

procedure to ensure the behaviour toward...

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