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 Introduction

 History of Coconut side

 Wherever is coconut produce

Types of coconut tree hand

 Different parts of the coconut tree

Uses of coconut palm

 Nutritional Value of coconut

Local Coconut Produce


The coconut shrub is call " the tree

of life for its endless set of

products and by-products derived

from its various parts (from its

beginnings to ideas (leaves) ( from

cooking to non-culinary).

History of Coconut tree

• The term coconut dates back to

the 16th century. It derives by

the The spanish language and Costa da prata word

cocorota, meaning " a grin", " a monkey

face" respectively, seeing that there is a

slight resemblance into a human

encounter or a goof head as a result of

the three small indents within the hairy

covering of the fruit. Cocos nucifera is

a scientific term for the coconut

woods, or coconut palm.

Where is coconut palm generate?

• The coconut is actually a plant which usually

favorably develops on the

shorelines, it prospers on soft sand

soils. The fruit prefers rainy and

sun-drenched weather, it can not resist

low temperature ranges. For a

propitious growth coconuts also

need an area an excellent source of humidity.

Types of coconut palm forest

• You will find only two distinct

varieties of coconut, the tall

and the dwarf. The tall

cultivars that are thoroughly

grown are the West Coast

Tall and East Coastline Tall. The

dwarf selection is shorter in

stature and its life time is

brief as compared to the tall.


 Extended lived hand living generally to an associated with about 85 to 90 years  Hands thrive well under distinct soil conditions varying via littoral sands to reddish colored loams and laterites.

 Palms grow well up to an altitude of 3, 000 foot. above the sea level. It really is fairly immune to diseases and pests.

 The shrub attains a height of around 15m to 18m or maybe more

It starts to bear in regarding 8 to 10 years following planting

 The nut is moderate to big in size various in shape coming from spheroid to linear-oblong and with colors varying coming from green, yellow and fruit to shades of brown. About 6, 000 nuts deliver a ton of copra.

Types of Coconut Hands

• Qualities:

• The dwarf coconut is little in stature (5-7 m) and begins bearing earlier than the extra tall variety

• Dwarf coconut palms floral as early as the next year after planting and come to regular bearing in the 9th year.

• The average life time is 40-50 years.

• Dwarf or short selection which producing green, orange and discolored nuts. • Susceptible to drought.

• Almonds are little in size and ovoid or round fit

• Nut weighs regarding 3 ounce (85 gm) with 66 per cent petrol content

Dwaft Coconut woods

Tall Coconut tree

Areas of the coconut tree as well as

corresponding rewards

• Coconut Meat –Coconut meat is definitely the rich white colored lining that is certainly contained within the shell of the coconut. Coconut meat could be juicy and tender, or slightly thicker and crunchy, to challenging and fibrous depending on how long the kernel has become stored. Among the finest parts of coconut tree as well as uses is a meat. The meat or nut is an excellent source of necessary protein and provides a natural laxative. This is because of its strong anti microbes effects towards the body even though the milk is additionally useful as a natural sweetener and mostly used as an essential ingredient in numerous dishes. • This is the white-colored part within the coconut. It is usually use to produce Coco flour, animal feed, candies.

Coconut oils

• Coconut Olive oil -Coconut essential oil is a kind of edible essential oil made from both the various meats or nucleus of full grown coconuts. Coconut oil appears to have heart-protective properties too. As it turns out, coconut olive oil reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol, the so-called " bad cholesterol” in the blood. • Copra is dried up coconut various meats - offers 64% of oil content material.

Coconut Leaves

• Coconut Leaves – produce very good

quality brooms, hats & mats fresh fruit

trays, squander baskets, fans, bags

fabulous midrib decorations,


Coconut Husk

• Coconut Husk- When the husk is

condensed in salt water, its...

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