Chocolates Un Ray Business Case Review Research Paper

Sweets El Rey Case

Sweets El Rey, a medium sized Venezuelan delicious chocolate company, makes top-quality delicious chocolate made with single-origin Venezuelan powdered cocoa beans. Jorge Redmond, the CEO of Chocolates El Rey, called a meeting with older management in late November 06\ to discuss the company's growth strategy. El Campeon can attempt task through many ways; growing the United States commercial market featuring a own name brand, relocating their particular plants to low-income countries, or to level up the full segment in the usa by using multi-origin cocoa bean chocolate. These viable alternatives to grow El Rey have great and gloomy effects. El Rey has come a long way as its founding in 1929; but, the company must address restricting factors in order to be recognized globally.

Chocolates Este Rey is a Venezuelan Multi-Latina corporation that manufactures, carries, and sells chocolates and also other baking products. José Rafael Zozaya and his father-in-law Carmelo Tuozzo both equally started the corporation in 1929 under the unique name Tuozzo Zozaya and Company. A product or service line that started with only delicious chocolate bars pertaining to hot cocoa in the foodstuff services sector has extended many types of cocoa powders, delicious chocolate bars, drops, and discs. The modernity of the organization came when ever Jorge Redmond joined the corporation as a spouse in 1973 and then bought out the two Zozaya and Tuozzo in 1976. Redmond is responsible for the growth of Chocolate El Rey with the main vision to " make a world-renowned organization spanning powdered cocoa production towards the marketing of chocolate. ”

Redmond's vision can be ascribed as the key reason why that Este Rey branched out with their singular portion of food services into retail, commercial, and beverage markets. Progress in all segments was paired with increased income until 2001 when the organization was facing sizable financial debt due to deficiencies in capital purchases and equipment constraints. This three years had results marginally above the break-even but had been followed by 36 months of considerable recorded profits. In an effort to continue the trend, the board of directors of Chocolates Un Rey required growth and Redmond was faced with the job of deciding where to allocate new methods. El Rey has developed the lion's share of both Venezuelan home-based food companies market as well as the industrial segment with 75 and seventy five percent from the market respectively. In smaller beverage portions, Chocolates El Rey is ranked second in the home-based market.

When examining the housing market for full retail list prices in Venezuela, of the $45. 3 million in sales, NestlГ© keeps the majority of the market share at 65% while El Rey just has 2 . 5%. The little market share may be partially caused by the view of El Rey products being a luxury good, making them very sensitive to the sporadic income of Venezuelan buyers. The cost of production of Este Rey's goods is mostly attributed to the strict make use of single-origin beans. The high product cost confines Un Rey's development and entrance into other markets. The organization is facing many different concerns limiting their growth, Un Rey's key objective. Being that they are a small company, they are going to benefit from enlargement. El Rey is a company which has seen achievement with limited resources and money to expand. Provided new concepts and chances, El Campeon can maximize on the online marketing strategy to increase its product line in to the United States. To be able to achieve this, Este Rey needs to market their very own brand in order to target portions and intercontinental markets. Este Rey is a single source company departing them with hard to find resources and little space to begin enlargement. Venezuela likewise suffers from a restricted supply of cocoa beans, which continues to prevent the company's capability to grow. Towards the end of the 1990s El Rey's growth program was to enterprise into the development of powdered cocoa at an fresh hacienda known as San Joaquin. This task was began as study devoted to obtaining ways to increase the speed of the cocoa...

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