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Monetary Statements Evaluation ( Nhóm 2)

1 . Which aspect don't are part of Poster's " five forces” framework? A. Rivalry amongst existing companies

B. Devidend policy

C. Threat of new entrants

Deb. Answers A and care correct

2 . Which element can effect bargaring electrical power?

A. Devidend ratio

N. Equity percentage

C. Financing decisions

M. Buyer price seusitivily

3. According technique analysis: A firm's revenue potential is detemined by simply: A. Tactical choices of administration

B. Economical enuroment company operates inside

C. (A) & (B) correct

G. (A) & (B) wrong

4. Precisely what is the 1st stage of business value:

A. Technique analysis

M. Coporate govermence analysis

C. Financial evaluation

D. Prospective analysis

your five. What does his strategy not really depend level of actual and potential Competiton on Poster's 5 causes? A. Rivalry among existing firms

W. Threat of recent entrants

C. Threat of subtitutes products and services

D. Bargaring power of buyers

6. Precisely what is the component that can certainly not affect the bargaring power? A. Buyer prices sersitivity

N. Products differertiation

C. Moving over costs

G. Number of buyers and number of sellers

several. Why carry out company need to apply a few forces strategy in business? A. Because it's compulsory

B. Because Poster's 5 causes frame function evalute the competitive pushes within on industry C. 5 forces are basis to organization

D. This can be a best technique to business

8. Why do customer pick a threat of recent entrant with no choosing some other brand and same as function? A. They are not enough funds to buy

M. They are not really demand to use this

C. Because many people don't have enough condition plus they prefer to work with public transportation Deb. They abhor to use luxury brand

on the lookout for. How a large number of basic competitive strategies?

A. Two

N. Three

C. Four

Deb. Five

10. What is the basic competitive stategies can potentially cause competitive advantages? A. Expense leadership

M. Differentiation

C. A& B correct

D. A& W wrong

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