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The making industry as a whole accounts for $198 billion in output or 1 . 5% of U. S. GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT. 36 The brewing market in the United States contains two key brewers: Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors. SABMiller and Molson Coors formed MillerCoors as a joint venture in 08; while, also in 08, Anheuser-Busch was purchased simply by InBev, a Belgian business. Another ideal group inside the beer sector consists of machines that produce substantially less beer and possess significantly less market share than the key brewers but sell products with a larger retail cost. This group consists of two different types of corporations. Some companies in this group are not based in the U. S., as a result, their beverage is labeled as imports. Heineken and Crown Imports are a pair of the companies that fall into its kind. Imports have gained business in recent years and were reported to have a 14% market share in 2007 with almost 30 million barrels sold. 37 Other companies through this group happen to be classified since craft brewers with small , independent breweries producing unique beer. This kind of group offers, by far, the biggest number of brewers and biggest variety of dark beer. Companies including the Boston Dark beer Company, Serrania Nevada, and Craft Makers Alliance will be included in this group. In 2009, beer sales in the U. S. were straight down 2 . two percent, whilst sales of craft or perhaps specialty beverage were up 10. three or more percent. 38 Despite flat or relatively declining revenue since the early on 1980's, activity in the industry continues to be vast. Rapid entry of small , art brewers shifted the focus coming from premium and sub-premium beer to multiple varieties of one of a kind, craft beer. As of This summer 2010, there are 20 traditional breweries and 1, 599 specialty/craft breweries in the United States. From the specialty/craft machines, 994 happen to be brewpubs, 534 are microbreweries, and 71 are regional craft breweries. 39 When traditional breweries have steadily decreased coming from 403 in 1948 to 93 in 1968 to 31 23 years ago to the present number of 20; specialty/craft breweries...

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