Advertising Methods Essay

Promoters believe that kids have the ability to push a large amount of cash because they are probably the most influential groups of consumption. Consequently , many promoters try their utmost to make advertising drawing the children's attention, and persuading their desire. In order to accomplish these uses, there are four main approaches commonly used to produce effective advertising. The first technique considered to be the most successful, is the use of cartoon heroes. The term " cartoon characters” refers to interesting and amusing characters in animation videos, comics, works of fiction, newspaper, journal etc . They are often used to attract the children's attention. An illustration with this is " Boo Berry” cereal item, using a creature character Boo Berry since the company ad. The advertisement is usually proved to be effective especially when Halloween, children share their units full of the cereals. One more popular technique employed in marketing is the use of free presents or giveaways. The term ‘giveaways' refers to a small gift provided with the product or perhaps services launched sold. A good example of this is the McDonald fast food cafe offering a totally free DVD, Completely happy Meal playthings, glasses, wristwatches to kids who buy twenty item of chicken nuggets packed in special field. The box is decorated with games, questions, and a special McNuggets of Fun code. Each code, which can be moved into online, opens one of several Shrek mini-games and can be banked to make great returns from Redbox and Snapfish. The more the youngsters buy the nuggets, the more that they win. The winner are getting the cost-free offers. The 3rd advertising approach employed to target children is usually testimonials. Testimonies are advertising displaying a person marketing or suggesting a particular product. Advertisers use famous people such as athletes, actors or actresses, heroes of children' television serial dramas to provide testimonies. For instance, the ‘Kellogg' company known to be...

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