A History of the World in 6th Glasses Dissertation

A brief history of the World in 6 Spectacles

By: Jeff Standage

Dissertation by: Jewelry Dang

As well as of the World in 6 Glasses by Ben Standage is around six drinks (beer, wines, spirits, caffeine, tea, and coca-cola) and just how they have affected the world in past times and the present. All of these beverages were made in different eras, and the inventions of these drinks were afflicted with what acquired occurred in the time period.

There were a large number of historical eras that are covered in the book. Beginning with the Stone Age, which was the timeframe beer was developed. The Stone Age is divided into three individual periods- Paleolithic Period, Mesolithic Period, and Neolithic Period- each period was based on the degree of class in the fashioning and use of the tools. During this time period, people got there food and necessities simply by hunting and gathering. When beer was discovered/created Mesopotamians started farming rather than hunting and gathering.

The second time frame in which wine beverages was created was your rise of the Greek and Roman disposition. This time period was based upon strong city-states, and when wine beverages was uncovered it became an element of Greek and Roman standards of living. Also personal classes had been partially based upon the type and quality of wine you would drink. Getting the access to wine beverages showed if you had been rich or perhaps poor, that showed your status in social your life.

The third period of time was the Age of Exploration. During this time period state of mind were found out by the distillation (the means of purifying a liquid by simply boiling this and condensing its vapors) of wine beverages. During the Associated with Exploration explorers from around the globe would travel on ships in search of fresh land. That they searched for fresh land they could conquer for their region or to discover trading paths as well. In addition they explored to spread all their religion, to get famous (if they did discover something), and to get some cash as well. This is the time period the moment America was discovered. Spirits were consumed on delivers throughout voyages. They were drunk on trips because sailors would get a sickness named scurvy (which is a sickness caused by having less vitamin C), and the spirit that would get rid of it was called aqua vitae.

Your fourth time period is a Age of Purpose which was the timeframe coffee was discovered/created. The Age of Reason showed the way man viewed himself, the pursuit of knowledge, plus the universe. The Age of Reason encouraged intellectual independence, freedom of religious beliefs, and politics. During this period, many persons wanted to show Greek philosophers wrong and rebuild human knowledge. Also during this period, espresso determined sociable status too. As espresso grew in the popularity, coffeehouses were being constructed. Coffeehouses had been the place where people could arrive and discuss politics, information, and chat.

The 6th time period was your Industrial Revolution in England exactly where tea played out a major position. Once tea had been found out people thought it was an interesting drink. One of the main elements of the Industrial Trend began in the uk was as a result of tea. Many people liked drinking tea, so there was a higher with regard to tea. To handle tea to Europe quicker, it was brought by steam ships. Also as a result of higher demand for tea, persons began to generate machines that would help packs tea.

During the eighteenth hundred years to the twenty first century coca-cola was invented/created and has changed above many years. During this time period businesses and industries began to grow, made items and technologies were being invented, as well as the medical field was making big advances. Through this period, pepsi was bought from pharmacies and was used being a medicine. Even coca-cola was a medicine, people still drank it because of its taste and how refreshing it absolutely was. So sooner or later coca-cola started to be a beverage as well. Through...

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